3D Planeta is an up and coming advanced technology company creating state of the art satellite tech, and they needed an online space to how it off.

3D Planeta

This site was built in a weekend.  The organization had trade shows coming up and needed their content cleaned up and fancied up online before showing it off on a large scale.  Terry redesigned their content from a simple Go Daddy site into the beautiful display you see today and I coded the design into a functional array of beautiful sections.

We found some great ways to organize the plethora of information on the homepage into clean, easy to use widgets that allowed us to create 3 different types of information revealing slideshows connected to button icons.  This allowed us to provide the user with the ultimate experience getting to the information they required for their industry, without spending forever scrolling. We redesigned the slideshows for mobile, replacing the buttons with dropdown boxes to save space and making it easier for big fingers to navigate the screen.

Because this is an advanced technology organization, we decided to add an amazing looping hero video and add simple animations to the text and a few of the elements.  Without being too 'cutesy' or 'flashy,' we maintained a professional look, managed a lot of information into a small space, and kept things looking advanced in a minimalist way.

We also took advantage of the dark mode being the fad in the technology sector right now.  While all industries do not benefit from dark mode, the tech industry, especially advanced tech, certainly does.

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