The NB Provincial Heart and Stroke Foundation quickly needed a website that acted both as a stroke navigator; allowing users to educate on what to do during a stroke, but also as a resource hub for both caretakers and professionals giving them easy access to the plenty of professional resources available to aid pre-during-and post stroke.

Heart and Stroke - Stroke Navigator

We worked hard not only to create a lasting and professional design, using national branding, fonts, colours, working but also to create user-friendly functionality.  The users of this resource tend to be more mature, 50 years and up, and therefore, we had to take into account assessability (larger font sizes, bigger buttons, easy to read colour options) and a real sense of user-friendliness. There is nothing worse than becoming frustrated when trying to find resources, especially when they are in regards to the health and well-being of someone you love.

We used our knowledge of datasets to create easy to use form for the Heart and Stroke employees and volunteers so that they would be able to add resources, FAQ questions and answers, new team members, blogs, news, etc. without ever needing to enter the editor.  This made it super easy for them to add and change the content on their site through simple to use forms in their webpages dashboard.  We then meticulously designed the site around those datasets, making it super easy for the user to filter and search the resources, news articles, etc, and spent a lot of time thinking through the layout of the site so that users can get to the information they need quickly and without effort.  We also put a lot of effort into controlling the load speeds of the pages.  The resource page, for example, can handle unlimited amounts of resources without extending load times because of the way the search engine and filtering system reads the database, keeping load times for pages super-fast while giving the user access to a limitless amount of well organized and searchable resources.

We were also aware that many users would be accessing this site from mobile devices, as well as tablets.  Since we design every website with this in mind, we are very mindful of the mobile and tablet breakpoints, and always ensure that the websites function perfectly with the same user-friendly ease on every device.  Again, button sizes, font sizes, dropdown boxes, faq expand areas, all needed a little extra consideration, and if you click through the site link, you will see that no matter what device you are using, it looks beautiful, and will continue to do so for years to come as we design with percentages and numbers so that the site changes and adapts to every possible screen size, from 85" television screen to tiny mobile screens.

The end result was a beautifully designed website, matching the federal design and language, which allows user-friendly access to the resources people need, on any device, using any browser, that is future-proofed, 100% reliable, and the important content can be managed in house using simple forms to add and manage resources.

Tada. That's pure magic!

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