We worked with the Tim Jones team, to create this incredible site in only 4 days.

Tim Jones Campaign Site

With the surprise call of an election and less than a month to run a campaign, we had to move quickly.  Luckily, we have a system in place to help guide us and our clients through every stage of the build, from research and information gathering, to design, information organization, development, and launching the site.  Working together with the campaign team and the design team, we were able to match all print materials, signs, etc. with the website creating an amazing branding consistency.  We used the blog system to help explain the party's strategy and vision connected it all directly through several Social Media outlets and were able to create a lot of traffic quickly, helping get the message to the people who needed to hear it in a very short time period.

That's the power of our system.  We have tons of experience creating the right design for the right situation; the ability to coordinate efficiently with the client to get their input and to make sure that their voice, vision, and dreams are at the forefront of the design; the talent and team to complete the job quickly without losing any quality; and the knowledge of how to connect the website with the people whom the client needs to find it.  All this, along with the ability to give the client user-friendly access to update their content, such as blogs, team member profiles, events, booking systems, online and downloadable resources, FAQs,  and so much more.

We don't just build websites.  We efficiently build powerful custom solutions while keeping our clients in control of their content.

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