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It's about time for you to feel free again.

It's hard to get noticed when your website looks just like everyone else's. MAJC Website Solutions can get you an online presence that you can be proud of, that is easy to manage, saves you time, and makes you money. 

We get it

The internet is big, and it can get overwhelming fast.

Did you set out to build your new idea into a brand and put it online, but you had no idea just how much work it really is?

Do you have an amazing service and a pretty website, but it just not reaching the customers?

Do you spend way too much time filling out paperwork, updating your web content, following up cold leads, and just running on the hamster wheel in order to get results?

Or maybe you just want to focus on what you do best, and let someone else take care of this online monster.

How can we help?

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We have an efficient project management system that keeps your project on track and lets you see our progress at each step of the journey so you can be as involved (or not) as you want to be.

We create your website colours and styles based on your brand.  It should be obvious to the user that this is your site, your brand,  tailoring their experience to match your vision.

Modern, elegant, functional, user friendly. How do you want someone to experience your website?

There is no such thing as "1 size fits all" in this industry.  We design each element to look amazing on all devices. Whether it's a board room television, or a small mobile screen, all your users deserve a positive experience.

If your users can't find what they want quickly, they will no longer be your users.  We are detailed oriented.  We know how many pixels have to be between buttons. Where the user's eye moves first. We design with user experience as the #1 priority.

Honestly, you can have it allWe can help!

Need a modern, functional website that just always works well on all devices? We got you.

Need a blog? E-commerce site? Members Area? Paid Subscriptions? We got you.

Need a booking system? Event management? Customer Help Desk? Automated Workflows? We got you.

How about an easy-to-manage, searchable, and filterable resource/database? We got you.

Need custom coding? External connections? Franchise organization? We got you.

Who are we?

Thanks for asking! The truth is, we love this part because we get to brag a little without seeming completely obnoxious!

1. Experienced

Our small team, originating in Atlantic Canada, has been creating and maintaining websites for years.  We constantly strive to develop new systems to make sure that our client's websites are state-of-the-art, while super easy to manage. 

2. Detail Focused

We are picky. We collect data and study it to understand how users behave; how many pixels should ideally be between elements; how to create and maintain consistent branding.  We test, troubleshoot, and double-check every element.

3. 5 Star Wix Partners

We proudly use Wix's platform, and over the years have maxed out our partnership level. This gives us access to beta components months before they are released to the public.  We coordinate directly with some of the development teams at head office and have priority support, so if something does go wrong, we can have a team working on it in minutes.

4. Effecient

We work fast and efficiently.  Using our project management tool to maintain consistent communication with our clients, a built-in commenting system within the website editor allowing our clients to share their input in real-time directly on the website draft, and have learned how to reuse codes and elements while adapting them to our client's brands and design speeding up the process of creating custom content. 

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Like to learn? We like to share our knowledge.

Ready? Let's get started!

Did you notice we just changed our colour scheme to green?  That's because it's go-time. (See, detailed oriented) If you are ready to experience your dreams becoming an online reality, click the start button and fill out the form.  I suggest you first refill your coffee and look for the emotions associated with why you started dreaming this dream in the first place, that way you can truly enjoy telling me about your vision.