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5 Creative Ways We Use Editor X's Advanced Design Features

As a design agency, we are always looking for ways to push the boundaries of creativity and produce visually stunning websites for our clients. Editor X, Wix's advanced design platform, has given us the tools to do just that. Here are five creative ways we have used Editor X to take our designs to the next level:

1. Flexible grid layouts:

With Editor X, we can create custom grid layouts using a variety of different column and row configurations. This allows us to design unique and visually striking layouts that go beyond the traditional grid structure efficiently.

2. Overlapping elements:

Editor X allows us to easily overlap elements on your website, such as images and text boxes. This can create interesting visual effects and add depth to your design.

Custom breakpoints:

Editor X allows us to set custom breakpoints, which determine at what screen sizes the layout of your website will change. This means we can create responsive designs tailored to specific device sizes, rather than using pre-set breakpoints.

Custom animations:

With Editor X, we can add custom animations and hover effects (including lottie animations now) to elements on your website, such as images and text boxes. This can add dynamic and interactive elements to your design. Subtle changes on scroll and when your users mouse cursor hovers over elements makes the site interactive and helps direct the users eye while keeping their attention.

Custom code:

If you have advanced customizations in mind, Editor X's custom code feature allows us to add custom CSS and JavaScript straight to your website. This gives us the ability to further customize and fine-tune your design, deal with copious amounts of data, and build advanced functionality and widgets customized for you and your needs.

Overall, Editor X has given us the flexibility and capabilities to bring our creative visions to life and deliver top-quality websites for our clients while helping us keep the deliverable times to a minimum. High quality; Beautiful Design; Advanced functionality; all in a fraction of the time and cost of building a site completely from scratch.

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